Hervana’s contraceptive platform is built on Lactobacilli, a probiotic proven to promote a healthy female reproductive tract .
Historically, contraceptive vaccines for females rely on the production of anti-sperm antibodies and have been proven to be highly effective contraceptive agents as they inhibit sperm motility and fertilization.  The major shortcoming with using such vaccines as contraceptives is that there is no way to turn them “off”, thus rendering the user permanently sterile.

The Hervana system relies on lactobacilli a dominant genera (probiotic) that resides in the female reproductive tract.  Lactobacilli promotes resistance to pathogenic microorganisms and promotes maturation and integrity of the female genital tract The lactobacilli administers an agent to the female reproductive tract, interfering with fertilization, which provides for a superior  contraceptive  from  the  standpoint  of  safety,  efficacy,  and  compliance.  The contraceptive is fully reversible and completely bypasses the hormone axis.  As a suppository formulation for intra-vaginal administration once or bi-monthly, the contraceptive will persist for long periods of time, thereby increasing compliance.

LJ-102 promotes STD resistance.    The Company expects to provide ever-increasing protection against STDs in future generations of a combinational product.