Hervana  Ltd.,  is  an  Israeli-based  biopharmaceutical company dedicated  to innovating  products  in women’s  health. Hervana has developed a female contraceptive platform technology, which is non-hormonal in its mechanism of action and offers unique benefits including added protection against STD infection.
LJ-102 is a ground-breaking contraceptive technology, which is highly effective, long-acting and most notably, does not suffer the health limitations of existing, hormone-based contraceptives.  The safety profile and prolonged action provides for greater compliance and accessibility to contraceptives, especially in populations where available methods are contraindicated, undesirable or socially unacceptable.   In addition to the non-hormonal safety benefits, the Hervana contraceptive uniquely offers protection against STD infections.
The development of new and improved methods of contraception for women is critical for improving the quality of family planning programs.